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Clarify your path to influence

Media intelligence powered by experts and technology to ignite your communications strategies.

Synoptos is a media intelligence company providing news and social insights to help our clients understand what's transpiring in the media, identify pathways to influence key stakeholders, and improve operational decision-making.

When massive data processing meets curated relationship mapping, you get powerful results. Our experts go deep to uncover connections between individuals and identify ways to reach decision-makers and stakeholders.
Dive into strategy
Sharpen your outreach with data-driven decisions. Our customizable performance measurement reports accurately analyze the impact of your communications and outreach campaigns.
Measure your success
Spend less time sifting through irrelevant media and gain full situational awareness through highly focused news and social media monitoring.
Get tailored reports
Our teams of analysts and software developers leverage our software and methodologies to produce cutting-edge research and customer service reports to fit your exact specifications.
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Case Studies

United Nations
Providing critical intelligence to the United Nations to stay ahead of misinformation propagated by the media.
Career Education Colleges and Universities
Keeping members in the know with a comprehensive news monitoring solution that doubles as a member benefit.
National Institutes of Health
Conducting in-depth social media research and analysis to overcome opposition to flu shots within the U.S.