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Case Study: The United Nations

Getting ahead of misinformation


In an attempt to increase censorship worldwide, China, India, and Russia cosponsored a resolution to enable the United Nations to regulate the registration of websites. The proposal was not supported, and would never be supported, by the United States or other UN members, yet the media continued to publish stories on the UN looking for a way to “take control of the Internet.” The UN was unable to get ahead of the story and stop it from damaging its reputation.


Using our proprietary software and team of experienced media analysts, Synoptos conducted a baseline analysis and media intelligence study to determine the size of the problem, main purveyors of the misinformation, and the source of the misinformation.


The study revealed, through a time- and link-based network analysis, that several major blogs and conservative papers continued to fan the flames. It also revealed the Wall Street Journal as the most prominent purveyor of this false narrative. Synoptos provided a series of recommendations on how to utilize the same network to distribute information to correct and ultimately kill the story.

“Synoptos enabled us to quickly identify and correct misinformation in the media. With their support we were able to more efficiently allocate our resources and work to rapidly resolve the situation.”
Rebecca Einhorn, Communications Director, United Nations Foundation

Services Engaged

  • Baseline/Landscape Analysis
  • Brand Monitoring
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  • Custom Research
  • Executive News Brief
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  • Opposition & Community Research
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Who We Are

Synoptos is a media intelligence company providing news and social insights to help our clients understand what’s transpiring in the media, identify pathways to influence key stakeholders, and improve operational decision-making. In short, we provide the data essential to making informed business and communications decisions.

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