Press Release: Infoition and OhMyGov Announce Merger

New Media Monitoring Company, Synoptos, Combines data processing and NSF-backed visualization technology

Reston, VA—January 27, 2014—Infoition and OhMyGov, two leading news and social media information companies founded in 2003 and 2009, respectively, today announced a merger and the formation of Synoptos Inc.

The new company blends industry-leading data collection, analysis, and visualization technology with a team of dedicated analysts who specialize in extracting and interpreting trends and signals from digital media. The combination of automation and dedicated human analysis provides highly targeted and customized media intelligence catered to the unique needs of high-profile organizations and campaigns. Synoptos will offer customers: daily executive news briefs and real time media alerts, influencer identification and campaign strategy development, media monitoring software, and customized intelligence and performance measurement reports.

“Synoptos gives customers a clear picture of the media and digital landscape so they know what’s being said and who’s saying it — and which voices are the biggest influencers,” Synoptos CEO Jeff Trexel said. “Our technologies and staff allow businesses to cut through the clutter of media noise and improve decision-making, strategy development and performance measurement.

OhMyGov is known for its media and political intelligence software that helps visualize the spread of information across the Web and helps organizations better understand how people, politicians, and government agencies are reacting to issues and events.

Infoition is a company known as a trusted news and social media consulting firm specializing in monitoring, measurement and analysis, rapid-response research, and dedicated customer service.

Infoition’s CEO, Jeff Trexel, will stay on as CEO of Synoptos, while Andrew Einhorn, OhMyGov’s CEO, will serve the role of President.

Together as Synoptos, the companies leverage proprietary technologies and algorithms developed, in part, through grants from the National Science Foundation and from Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology combined with rigorous, human data analysis methodologies.

“Our entire company is focused on uncovering only the patterns, insights, and announcements our customers need to stay a step ahead, make better decisions and save precious time,” Synoptos President Andrew Einhorn said. “Total situational awareness and clarity means the focus is on leading, not just reacting.”

Located in the metro Washington, D.C. area, Synoptos methodologies were developed over a decade of serving high-profile Fortune 500 and government clients, software funded by government to efficiently curate massive amounts of data, and analysts trained to synthesize disparate information into tangible synopses.

“The constant stream of digital and social media content published on the Web daily has the capacity to build or cripple business and reputations — but as any good political or business operative will tell you, it’s all about how you use the information,” Trexel said. “We provide that information in a way that enables near real-time insights into customer and influencer perceptions, information about competitors, operational effectiveness, and business opportunities.”

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