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Why Synoptos?

We make you the most informed person at the table by empowering you with the information and insights you need to protect your organization’s interests.
Be informed. Be savvy. Be exceptional.

Improve Performance

Continuous monitoring against an established baseline allows you to see which direction the needle is moving.

Act Strategically

Identify the people and organizations that will amplify your message with the greatest impact.

Save Time

Spend more time executing and less time monitoring and measuring your reputation and campaigns.

Stay Informed

Get actionable insights based on carefully curated information you can rely on—so you’re never caught off guard.

Not convinced yet?

Here are five more reasons our clients work with us.

Trust the Numbers

By mapping the media landscape and allocating human editors, we exclude troves of unwanted information and provide the most accurate metrics and clearest path to true influence.

Tap into Unparalleled Expertise

The depth of our expertise is unparalleled in the industry. Our analysts eat, sleep and breathe media data. They’ve worked side by side with the world’s largest companies for years developing the best methodologies in the industry.

See Beyond the Metrics

Using advanced data visualization tools and techniques backed by the National Science Foundation, we’ll help you see how information moves and where your story fits into the overall public narrative.

Know the Important Players

We identify, analyze and monitor key influencers and stakeholders so you know where every individual, organization and group stands and how best to approach each one.

Data the Way You Want It

Every client has unique needs. That’s why we allow ours to customize every report and information source to fit their individual needs. All you have to do is ask.

The company we keep

Conoco Philips General Dynamics
White House Microsoft
United Technologies Verifone
Sirius XM NIH
Raytheon LivingSocial

“Synoptos’ team of analysts keeps us in the loop more than any automated system I’ve ever used. It’s as if we’re working with modern day soothsayers—they always know what’s transpiring in our space before anyone else. My team leverages the data they deliver every day to inform and guide our communications strategy.”

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Synoptos combines the power of data analysis with our team of experienced analysts to provide you with reliable and actionable insights. So, how do we do it?


Using proprietary data visualization tools and human research and analysis, we craft visual models of the media landscape to see how information travels and map influencer relationships.

Mine & Collect

Focused data collection from specific sources of interest eliminates noise, creating a valuable and relevant stream of information for analysis.

Filter & Store

Incoming data is processed and filtered through predefined variables plus an additional layer of human review. Raw data is stored securely in the cloud for quick retrieval.

Analyze & Synthesize

Experienced media analysts compile, code, and analyze data drawn into our software. That information is synthesized into easy-to-read daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

PR Agency
Automated Solution
News Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
Analytics & Performance Metrics
Human-Coded Sentiment Analysis
Executive-Level Briefings
Dedicated Project Team
On-Demand Research
Measurement Strategy Consultation
Live Customer Support
Multi-Language Translation
Proprietary Data Processing Tools
Trained Data Analysts & Scientists
Human-Coded Influencer ID & Profiling
Algorithmic Influencer ID & Profiling
Influencer Network Mapping
Influencer Interaction Analysis
Customized Data Mining
Research and Track Funding Networks
Correlational Studies
Scientific Sampling Methods